Links for Artists [Nov 1 – 7]

Throughout the week, I like to share interesting links for artists on my Twitter profile. Here is a list of the links I tweeted about last week:

  • Now Reading: Ten Great Ecommerce Ideas for November 2009-
  • Now Reading: Artist Website SEO Strategy #1: Help Google Read! –
  • Now Reading: Paying for Development: Hourly Rate vs. Fixed Cost-
  • Now Reading: How to Market Handmade Jewelry Locally: Low Cost Ways to Sell More Handcrafted Jewels-
  • Now Reading: 10 Simple Ways to Build a Strong Artist Brand on Twitter –
  • Now Reading: How To NOT Flush Your Art and Money Down The Toilet- Avoiding The Scam Artists-
  • Now Reading: biz ladies 09: trademark 101 for designers-
  • Now Reading: The Foundation of Your Online Art Marketing Strategy is-
  • Now Reading: How to Take Great Photographs with a Flash (and a Diffuser, if you have one) –
  • Some great advice: 101 Ways to Promote a New Blog-
  • Twitter Lists In Detail or, “Yo Dawg, I Heard U Like Lists!” –
  • Now Reading: Get More Mileage Out of Your Blog Archives with Twitter Teasers-
  • Great advice for artists: Why Higher Pricing Sells –
  • Now Reading: 6 Mistakes to Avoid on Email Subject Lines-
  • RT @TGenDS: AWESOME article on pricing handcrafted jewelry. A lot of things people don’t take into consideration.
  • Now Reading: 8 Things to Consider Before Using Twitter Lists-
  • Now Reading: 15 Reasons Why Consumers Will Leave Your eCommerce Site-
  • Now Reading: WHY charge a handling fee? –
  • Some great artist advice: The Benefits of Gallery Representation-
  • Now Reading: Turn Twitter Friends into Real Friends-
  • Now Reading: Sell on Etsy? The Number One Mistake Etsy Sellers Make and Three Ways to Fix It! –
  • Now Reading: The Trouble with Online Photography Portfolios-

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One Response to Links for Artists [Nov 1 – 7]

  1. Peggy Sturman November 12, 2009 at 9:50 am #

    This was a great list (some of them didn’t load) I’ve bookmarked. Thanks

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